February 16, 2018 2 min read

We've just taken delivery of KeepCups so now stock three  different types of portable cup ( with four different sizes) !

It might seem excessive but each have their own pluses and minuses so I thought I should sum up the differences as we found them.

Ecoffee Bamboo- upside is bamboo of course!  Pleasing to handle,  they feel very friendly, love the designs, very lightweight, keep heat in for a reasonable amount of time. Silicone lid is fairly standard. Downside - they stain, it doesn't bother me but appreciate that not everyone would be alright with that. Also, apparently they can crack if thrown on the floor. I don't throw mine on the floor so can't comment. 

Stojo - upside is uber carry friendly because they collapse into a neat little thing that slips into your pocket.  We took one on holiday last year where it really earned it's place in the suitcase. Made of silicon, very lightweight,  easy to rinse out, keeps heat in for a reasonable amount of time. Downside - Certainly Stojo don't flavour taint your drink but silicone is just never going to be my first choice for drinking out of, also you do have to pay attention and hold it by the band attached because the outside does get hot.

KeepCup - upside is glass, for me the best to drink out of. Obviously no flavour taint but more than that because I quite like being able to see what I'm drinking and think that both tea and coffee are rather lovely to look at. They seem super solid and I imagine you could carry an empty one in a bag without too much worry, keeps heat in for a reasonable amount of time.  Silicone lid is fairly standard. Downside - glass, the whole throwing on the floor thing is obviously a no no. Also heavier than bamboo or silicone.

If pushed I'd say that KeepCup would be my first choice for using at home or work but that's simply because I like drinking out of glass. For travel or if space is at a premium, the Stojo gets the vote because the collapsible thing is just brilliant . The Ecoffee Bamboo is what I'd probably use most if I was grabbing a takeaway coffee on the way to work and wanted something lightweight to carry around ( and because I love the different designs! ) 

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