April 19, 2017 1 min read

We've just taken delivery of some new tea infusers! First up is the Viva Minima Tea Cup Infusers which are not only super stylish, in that Scandi cool kind of way, but also gorgeous to brew your tea in. You can see it here when we were using it for our Hibiscus tea promotion.

The best thing about these cup infusers is that they will work with any tea leaves. Not only is the infuser super fine, so no worries about bits escaping, it's also large so will hold whole leafed tea well and give your leaves loads of room to brew properly. 

Minima Tea Cup Infuser

The next delivery, next week, is the little and large Bjorn teapots. Stunning design and once again both have those fine meshed infusers so good for all tea types.

Big Bjorn

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