December 04, 2019 2 min read

It can be hard to decide what to get your nearest and dearest at this time of year, especially if you want it to be special. With this in mind, we're offering you the chance to design your own gift boxes- each one filled to the brim with the perfect brews!

If you're stuck, why not take some inspiration from our suggestions below? These are just some ideas... the possibilities really are endless!


coffee christmas box

If they like a medium roast with a hint of sweetness, choose:

Colombian Excelso- a sweet, bright coffee bean with a fruity acidity

Kenya Peaberry- a unique coffee with flavours of rhubarb and red berry

La Bastilla- a bean with caramel and fruity notes of pear 


If they want to support a good cause and drink good coffee, choose:

Amharic Espresso Coffee- a perfect espresso coffee, produced by the Sheko co-operative in Ethiopia

Café Feminino- a medium roast with chocolate undertones, this coffee supports women's co-operatives in coffee growing regions across the world

Honduran- this medium roast with a mellow body and nutty finish is produced by one of the world's most progressive and environmentally friendly co-ops.

Build your own Coffee Gift Box


Tea Gift Box


If they're always full of good intentions, choose:

Moringa Morning- a caffeine free blend to kick-start the day with a citrus and chilli zing

Yoga Mango- a fruity infusion with a little spice, this is perfect hot or cold whenever a bit of inner calm is needed

Turmeric Tonic- some say that turmeric is a bit of a wonder spice- we just reckon it's delicious!

If they're looking for the perfect tea and cake pairing,  choose:

Darjeeling- the Champagne of teas with a subtle and light flavour, this pairs well with most cakes

Cornish Afternoon- a lighter take on an Earl Grey, this tea is the perfect companion to citrussy cakes

Tinner's Tea- this robust tea more than holds its own with decadent chocolate or rich fruit cake

Create your own unique Tea Gift Box



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