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Six days, five nights, two very excited people. Always wanted to visit but somehow Iceland just kept being put on the back burner.

Not anymore!  

Seized the moment and we were off. Flying from Bristol,  landing Reykjavik,  bus into town, quick Reykjavik recce, rather odd hotdogs - "Pylsur" in Icelandic -  Storm Hotel and off in the morning to pick up uber 4x4 hire car.

No stopping us :)

Day One - Wednesday

Southbound, along the Golden Coast. Waterfalls


Got soaked walking BEHIND Seljalandsfoss. Change of clothes always a good idea!

Skogafoss next - another fabulous waterfall - then on to Vik and its famous black sand beach. Would have stayed longer but Arctic blasts and black grit in the face sent us scurrying for another coffee.



Fortunately, they do good coffee in Iceland :)

As you would expect from the 3rd highest coffee consumers in the world - behind those other Scandinavian Coffeeholics - Finland & Norway.

Day Two - Thursday

Up on to Myrdarsjokull glacier in Jóhann's amazing supertruck, with trusty Stojo of course.

Look!! An ice cave!!!

In a glacier! Not rock. It looks even cooler from inside :)

Thank you Jóhann.  Fab guide - Supertruck extraordinaire. Would highly recommend Mountain Excursion

Although his tales of the witch Katla and the imminent eruption of the volcano named after her were a bit of a worry :)

Day Three - Friday

To the world famous Geysir - to see the spouting Stokkur.


"Two Geezers and a Stojo" or "Tvair Geysirs og einn Stojo" as we say in Iceland :)

Then Gulfoss - the Niagara Falls of Iceland.

Simply Wow!

Finished the day in the Secret Lagoon - Iceland's oldest thermal hot pool.

Mike managed to fall in with his mobile phone. Turns out Poundland ziplock food bags aren't totally waterproof! Who'd have thought it!

Still, a pretty cool place to wreck his phone.

Customs did kind of wonder why he was carrying a mobile phone in a bag of rice on the way back.

I kind of wondered why I was in the Secret Lagoon with a halfwit :)

Day Four - Saturday


Not exactly tropical - but a hot tub at our Icelandair Hotel in Flúðir was a great way to start the day :)

Invigorating is the word!

Then to Þingvellir, the site of the Alþing, the Viking parliament from the 10th century.

On the drive there a readout on the dashboard of the car suddenly showed 3 people sitting in the back seat without seat belts on.

Probably Huldufolk,Iceland's mischievous invisible people hitching a ride to a Huldu Alþing.

We couldn't think of any other possible explanation - and we were sober!

Þingvellir is an incredible rift valley where the North American & European tectonic plates are ripping apart.

I tried to give them a helping hand :)

Whilst Mike found it hard to look authentically Viking with a Stojo and a chilly head.

Then a drive around the wonderful  Þingvallavatn, the largest freshwater lake in Iceland overlooked by Þingvellir.

And with the freshest, straight-from-the-glacier water imaginable!

We could have stayed there drinking gallons of the stuff; its certainly cheaper than Icelandic beer!

But time for a coffee at the seriously chic Ion Hotel.

Who'd have thought that a hotel with a view of a power station would be cool?

But when it is a geothermal Icelandic power station with a great coffee .......

We then dropped down from the most magical mountains to the coast and stopped off at Hafið Bláa, an incredible restaurant/cafe all on its own on a sandspit between the North Atlantic and a huge estuary.

A must visit on a drive of the South coast.

Then to Grindavik for our final night.

Popped down to Bryggjan, a great little cafe/bar right in the working port of Grindavik, to take it easy with a few beers and watch the boats coming in unloading their hauls.

Bryggjan is a bar downstairs - with a net mending business upstairs :)

The friendliest bar imaginable - with its famous lobster soup; people drive for miles for a bowl !


Home to Cornwall.

A fantastic trip - Iceland really is a magical place.


Who knows where the Tugboat will be on tour next!

Any suggestions? 

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