December 07, 2019 2 min read

One of the best things about Christmas is spending time with friends and family- and what better way to do so than with a brew? Tea, coffee, hot chocolate (or cheeky cocktails!) all shine at this time of year and there's nothing better than warming yourself by the fire with a cosy mug of something hot. 

Cozy Tea

Hot chocolate (marshmallows= optional) is a must at this time of year and is a hit with kids and grown ups alike. For little ones, our Choc-O-Lait sticks make great stocking fillers and are fun to dunk into a mug of hot milk. For adults, the more robust flavours of Simon Coll or Willie's Cacao suit a more sophisticated taste- even if you do choose to go for the squirty cream and all the trimmings!

There's something glorious about the smell of fresh coffee on a cold morning and never more so on Christmas Day. Our Cafetiere Gift Box comes with three extra dark blends and delicious chocolate, so there's no excuse to not start brewing straightaway! If you're after something a little more obviously festive, our Christmas coffee is hugely popular- so much so that it's asked for all year round! Why not try some and start a new Christmas tradition?

If tea's more your thing, our Christmas collection has you covered- our gently warming Cinnamon Spice and Plum Pudding teas are the perfect pick-me-up when the cold has made your hands go numb. Of course, nothing quite beats the pairing of our traditionally spiced Christmas Tea with a good old-fashioned mince pie!

If you're throwing a party, why not try our tea and coffee based cocktail recipes? With cocktails and mocktails, there's enough to keep you busy right through to the new year!

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